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Visual Media by Erin Miller


I am happiest when I am creating. 


I’ve been capturing moments since I left the womb. I most enjoy candid portraits and landscapes, but have experience photographing products, weddings, architecture, and more.


I must admit I started in video only because there was a cute boy in high school who was taking the class. However, I now am able to create and edit videos at a professional level. (And I married him.)


I have a high level of education and experience with creating graphics. I love making icons, stickers, social media memes, assets for animation, photo-realistic graphics, and so much more.


Branding is expression of identity. I love finding visual ways to express that identity. Bringing together a logo, colors and fonts, business cards, and other important branding assets for others fulfills me. 

Social Media

Creating and executing social media plans gives me joy. I love the connection that social media gives us. I have created social media plans and campaigns including assests for posts, stories, and adverts.


With many projects (and homework assignments) I have found how important planned and meaningful design is. It satisfies me when a layout, color scheme, or other design elements workout.

Prints Coming 

Fall 2021

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Featured Projects

I have done a lot of education, commercial, and personal projects. You can find them all on this website, but here is a quick list of some of my favorite projects I have worked on. 

Shadow Mountain Publishing

I spent 4 months with Shadow Mountain Publishing creating assets for their social media, advertisments, launch parties, and other events. 

J&A's Special Day

In this, my most recent wedding package, I took engagement photographs, created wedding invites and other visuals for the wedding. I also captured the big day for J & A.

DnD Icons

I am working on a guide to Dungeons and Dragons that simplifies character development. For it I knew I would need good icons for the different parts of a character.

Yellowstone & The Tetons

I attended school only an hour from both Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. This of course lead me on many trips to both national parks and many incredible photographs.

Evans Hairstyling College

In a group of 6, we rebranded and ran a year long advertising campaign for Evans Hairstyling College. I was the Head of Creative making assets for social media, mail adverts, posters, brouchers, and in-house materials.

Whimzel App Social Media

In a group of 8, we created an app for date night decisions. I was Social Media Director for this project and created a 6 month social media plan to promote the app.

50 State Flags Redesign

For my senior project, I redesign the 50 state flags. This included intense research into each state flag as it was and what makes a good flag design.

World Wide PokeStops

In this vector graphics project, I took 12 iconic locations from around the world and imagined them as Pokemon. 

18 Days of Branding

In this 18 day case study of branding, I created logos, store front signs, business cards, and mock ups for 18 buisnesses.

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