The Third Line of the Film Strip

The third film strip

Family reunions can be crazy. One of my favorite things to do is sit back and watch. For this project, I wanted to tell the story of watching the progression of a family reunion from the view of a refreshing glass of milk. The glass is the main focus, while the story is told in the background.

The project is 36 photographs, just like a roll of film.

I made a choice to keep my photographs warm and slightly out of focus, as I feel that this is the style of photographs that fills my childhood scrapbooks.

This was a fun project that I shot many times as I wanted to make sure I got the flow of the subject, the lighting, and the placement of the glass just right.

In this third part feet feature in a sad handstand, two people pose for selfies, and the glass is half full.

Milk Photo 13
Milk Photo 14
Milk Photo 15
Milk Photo 16
Milk Photo 17
Milk Photo 18

Want to learn more about storytelling in photography? Here is a great resource.