Apple Pie Animation Final Vector

I have worked recently on learning the design programs. I feel competent in my skills that I can create something that looks good. But the questions comes, can I make something move?

Apple pie is a favorite of my father’s and who doesn’t get sucked into the videos online that demonstrate how to make something? I wanted to make an animation of an apple pie being made.

Apple Pie Animation Sketch

I wanted the pie tin to be stationary throughout the whole animation while all the other assets move into place. I originally sketched for the pie to be removed from the tin in five sections.

I created 36 layers in Illustrator, making 36 assets to move around in After Effects.

Apple Pie Animation Vector Asstests

Originally I had the apples moving in in four pieces, but I got feedback that they needed to be more separate. When I pulled them apart into groups of one or two, this made for 20 assets.

I feel that this is a good representation of apple pie and popular food style videos. I always hope that I am making my father proud, and I think this video will seal the deal.