Why Should We Balance the Light?

Balancing the light in photography is a tricky game. How many times have you tried to take a picture and the sky is either blown out or the subject appears too dark? This is why it is important to balance the light.

So how does one balance the light?

First, let’s look at what photographs look like when there is no balance to the light. Below are two pictures, one where the light is balanced for the sky and another where the light is balanced for the subject.

Balance the light Sky
Light balanced for the sky
Balance the Light on Subject
Light balanced for subject

With the use of a flash, we can balance the light of this picture. By putting my settings to balance the light of the background sky, then adding a flash onto the subject, we see both the background and subject.

Balance the Light
Light balanced on both background and subject

Want to learn more? Here is a great resource.