Each year, my father’s side of the family gets together to go camping as a family reunion. In preparation for this event, I wanted to make stickers to hand out. I desired that they would be relatable to not only my family, but to adventurers everywhere.

After consulting my siblings, I decided to sketch items related to family camp. I tried some with a fire and dutch oven. I dabbled with horseshoes and bead necklaces. I even tried to make jokes into something visual with banana boats and bacon.

I started very basic. A tee pee, horseshoes, and a rubber duck. Very basic black strokes were used. I really cannot express how little I liked the rubber duck. I really felt that it wasn’t living up to the potential it had to be the cute ducky I was going for.

After receiving feedback that my stroke widths should not all be the same, I played around with my icons. I became immensely more pleased with the tee pee and horseshoes, however, that rubber duck was not lending itself to that cute factor I wanted.

FINALLY a rubber duck that I was comfortable with! My sister mentioned that the cute factor that I was talking about she associated with big eyes. I followed this lead and turned the duck to be forward facing so that both eyes are seen. By adding trees behind the tee pee, I added to the silhouette of the sticker. I wanted to experiment with wording as well. I decided to save my horseshoes for another day. I imputed the letters for my new sticker anchor point by anchor point. I really enjoyed creating letters and wording.

I had received feedback that it was hard to see the shading for my duck from a distance, so I increased the saturation and added more black to the color. I also received feedback that the orange did not play as well with the set. I personally am more fond of cooler colors and so switching to blue was a happy change for me.

Grandpa has a tee pee that we all love to play card games in. This is one of the most iconic things about family camp. I love the silhouette that come from the pine trees next to the tee pee. I feel that it gives a very woodsy feel to the sticker, something that I think is relatable to adventurers.

There is almost 75 family members that attend this camping reunion. Every one of them participates in racing rubber ducks down the river in a course created by the younger cousins. I am very happy with the cute factor of this rubber duck because adventures outside of the family races can still relate to the big eyes of the rubber duck.

To keep the many family members involved in all the activities, grandma started the tradition of earning beads for a necklace. One can earn beads by doing certain activities. The Adventurer Bead is one of the hardest to earn as it includes participating in all the activities throughout camp. I feel like the stylistic writing appeals to the whimsical outdoors man who loves adventure.