Fashion photography has probably been one of the hardest forms of photography for me. Not because the style or that taking fashion photographs are hard, but because I am a person who gets anxious when posing models in ‘fashion’ poses.

In fashion photography, the photograph is focused on making the clothing, accessories, and other items of fashion look good. This is different for portraits where the focus is on the people and relationships between people if there is a group.

Fashion Accessories Photography

It is important in fashion photography to showcase accessories. These could be things such as pins, shoes, gloves, glasses, watches, purses, and hats.

Drawing attention to accessories gives the fashion some life.

Watch and clutch fashion
Disney pins fashion

Location in Fashion Photography

Finding a good location for fashion photography is important. You want it to fit the style of the fashion and look good. You also don’t want it to take away from the fashion or the models. I have found barns are great as there is much diversity in barns. There is normally interesting wood backgrounds and sometimes even cool metal features.

Barn outside
Bush with wood background
Barn details

Need some more tips for fashion photography? Here is a great resource.