The North Star State

The Original

The elements to the flag include

  • Four groups of four stars, one group of three stars

  • “Minnesota”

  • “1858”

  • Pink and white lady slippers (state flower)

  • Red ribbon “1819”, “”L’étoile du Nord” (state motto meaning star of the North), and “1893”

  • Native American riding horse

  • Field with farmer plowing

  • Ax and rifle against stump

  • River and waterfall

  • Pine trees

The flag of Minnestoa was adapted August 2, 1983.

The Minnesota flag was ranked 67th in the 2001 North American Vexillology Association survey of the 72 American and Canadian flags.

Keep it simple: There are many small details on this flag that if it was viewed from 100 ft away (like on a flag pole) it would be hard to see. The seal has many componants to it.

Use meaningful symbolism: There are nineteen stars around the boarder of the seal representing Minnesota as the nineteenth state to join the union after the original thirteen colonies. 1858 is the year of statehood. 1819 is the year the first settlers were established in Minnesota. 1893 is the year that the state seal was created. The native American shows the heritage of the state. The farmer plowing symbolizes the state’s agriculture. The ax and rifle are the tools needed in early settlement of the state. The tree stump represents the lumber of the state. The river and waterfall are the Mississippi River and St. Anthony Falls. The three pine trees in the back symbolize the regions of the state (St. Croix, Mississippi, and Lake Superior).

Use two or three basic colors: In this flag we see seven colors being used.

No lettering or seals: This flag has a seal and words. 

Be distinctive or be related: Here we have another one of the thirty states that put their seal on the flag. The use of the royal blue is different, but this flag is still one of twenty-seven states to have a blue field.

The Redesign

Keep it simple: This flag is has two blue bars in the field. It has two gold stars on each bar, the bottom with stripes through it. There is a trapazoid in the bottom bar.

Use meaningful symbolism: This flag redesign is symbolic of being the Land of 10,000 Lakes and the North Star State. The North Star is shown in the top and is refelcted on the water below. 

Use two or three basic colors: In this flag we see four colors being used.

No lettering or seals: There is no lettering or seals.

Be distinctive or be related: This is a distinct flag that uses symbolism to represent the state.