The Sooner State

The Original

The elements to the flag include

  • Blue field

  • Ceremonial pipe

  • Olive branch

  • Osage shield

  • “Oklahoma”

 all alThe flag of Oklahoma was adapted April 2, 1925.

In the 2001 North American Vexillology Association survey of the 72 American and Canadian flags the Missouri flag was ranked 39th.

Keep it simple: There are lots of details on this flag that would be lost if seen 100 ft away (like on a flag pole). The shield, pipe, and olive branch are not simple in design.

Use meaningful symbolism: This flag is one of my favorite flags for symbolism. The shield represents defense and protection, but is covered by two offerings of peace. The ceremonial pipe is from the Native Americans and the olive branch is from the Europeans. The blue field is representative of devotion. It all is so symbolic of our mutual love for the land and peace. 

Use two or three basic colors: In this flag we see eight colors being used.

No lettering or seals: This flag does say “Oklahoma”.

Be distinctive or be related: The light blue field and Native American incorporation make this a distinct state flag.

The Redesign

Keep it simple: I took elements of the original flag and simplified it.

Use meaningful symbolism: The shield is there to symbolize defence and protection and the olive branch painted on it represents the desire for peace.

Use two or three basic colors: In this flag we see three colors being used.

No lettering or seals: I have taken out the lettering.

Be distinctive or be related: This is a distinct state flag.