For the past two years I have been purchasing a very special $12 watch from Walmart. As you can imagine with such quality of watch, I have gone through a handful due to the quality. BUT! It is still my favorite watch as it has Mickey Mouse on it. I wanted to created a photo-realistic tribute to that watch as Walmart has now discontinued distributing.

I tried to look at the details in my sketches. My two biggest fears were making Mickey correctly and the highlights and shadows that are on the watch. I spent some time trying to make Mickey into small enough groups I could wrap my mind around what had to be done for each. I also looked into the layering of the watch to see how light would be effected as it fell through.

I received a lot of feedback about the reflections on the silver ring around the watch. At first I had the right side much darker and the left much lighter. I think I have found a happy medium where both look realistic.

I absolutely adore my Mickey watch as I am a Disney fan. So often people comment on my watch and how they appreciate it was well. I think that it is a great connection with people and I believe that in memorializing this watch, others will find that same connection, even if it’s not on my wrist.