What makes a good portrait?

There are a few things that can be done in photography to make a good portrait. Framing and lighting are my two favorite skills to implement when taking portraits.

Framing a portrait

Framing can be done in two ways. In your portrait you can frame a person literally with the surroundings. You could also frame the subject on the rule of thirds in the frame of the picture.

Portrait Caryn

The picture above, we see the subject being framed by natural surroundings in her portrait.

Portrait Kaden

In the portrait above, we see the subject being framed on the left third of the photograph.

Lighting a portrait

In portraits, we can light a subject with natural lighting or with lighting equipment.

Portrait Merritt

In the picture above we see a more natural lighting of the portrait.

Portrait of Nina

In the portrait above, there is a flash used to light the subject in the dark background.

Want to learn more about portraits? Here is a great resource.