JBL Speaker

It was a forested waterfall on the side of a mountain road that I found myself wanting to listen to Arcade Fire’s ‘Wake Up’. Luckily, I had my JBL Speaker.

I found a nice mossy rock to place it on and it was almost too photogenic. The product is water resistant, so I had no worries placing it on a rock next to the waterfall.

In post, I had a good time playing with the colors to show off the background of this JBL speaker. The natural waterfall foliage didn’t have red in it, so I balanced the greens to bring out the red more. For product photography, the product should take center stage in the frame. The speaker takes center stage by contrasting darkness as well as by the red logo.

JBL Speaker Product Photography

Bocce Ball

My parents gave my husband Bocce ball for Christmas last year. The game is played by throwing ones colored ball closest to a little white target ball. And as much as I lack in throwing the far distances my brothers do, I enjoy playing the game.

I really wanted to show this product in an outdoor setting that would inspire and adventurous feeling. I set Bocce ball up outside with the Buffalo River behind. This is the perfect outdoor setting. It is important to convey the right feeling in product photography.

Bocce Ball Product Photography