What in the world is Scan Art?

I have learned recently about a new way to take pictures.

Well, kind of.

When I was really little, my sister and I would jokingly scan each others’ faces on our parent’s scanner. Being so young, we didn’t understand the cost of printer ink and we scanned and scanned and scanned. Even up until I moved to college I had scans of my sister’s face hanging on my wall.

Imagine then, my joy in finding that my youthful shenanigans was an actual form of photography! Scan art is simply using a scanner to take a picture.

I really loved this idea and wanted to embody my youth so I decided to create a scan tribute to my favorite childhood movie, Monsters Inc.. I scanned my MU hat and Little Mikey. This was a lot more difficult than I originally planned because I wanted to get it just right.

Want to learn more about scan art? Here is a great resource!