The Volunteer State

The Original

The elements to the flag include

  • Red field

  • Three stars 

  • Blue circle with white boarder

  • White and blue strip on fly end

The Kentucky flag was adapted on April 17, 1905.

This is one of my personal favorite state flags. I would easily put it as top five desgins. The North American Vexillology Association puts it as the ninth best state flag. In thier 2001 survey of American and Canadian flags it was ranked 14th. 

Following Ted Kaye’s principles for good flag design, let’s see what makes this a good flag.

Keep it simple: One of the things that Kaye explains about this principle is that a first grader should be able to draw the flag from memory. The shapes on the flag are ones that can be drawn easily. Any first grader can combine them to make this flag.

Use meaningful symbolism: The three stars are representative of the Grand Divisions of Tennesse. These are Eastern, Middle, and Western Tennessee. The blue circle they are in symbolizes the unity of the divisions. 

Use two or three basic colors: In this flag we see three colors being used.

No lettering or seals: There is no lettering or seals.

Be distinctive or be related: This flag draws its colors from the American and Confederate flags. It uses them to be relatable, yet it is still a very distinct flag.

The Redesign

I do not think that this flag needs to be redseigned. I think that follows all the rules for good design, is used well , and is a powerful symbol of Tennessee.