Women’s Fashion Photography

Fashion photography has probably been one of the hardest forms of photography for me. Not because the style or that taking fashion photographs are hard, but because I am a person who gets anxious when posing models in ‘fashion’ poses.

In fashion photography, the photograph is focused on making the clothing, accessories, and other items of fashion look good. This is different for portraits where the focus is on the people and relationships between people if there is a group.

Women’s fashion photography is interesting, because, for some reason, the placement of arms is so important. In the two photos below I focused on finding ways to draw attention with arm placements.

Women's Fashion Brand Photography
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Women's Fashion Photography

For the fashion photography below I wanted to see how the direction of the model’s head would effect the photograph. In one picture, I had her face the camera, in the second I had her look away. Both are great fashion shots.

Women's Fashion Photography
Women's Fashion Photography

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