Wildlife at Yellowstone

There is so much wildlife in Yellowstone. I have seen elk, bears, foxes, bison, wolves, and many more. It is an interesting experience to photograph wildlife as you don’t want to get too close to them. For the shot of the elk, I had a big zoom lens and stood across the street from it.

Elk in Yellowstone wildlife landscape
Swans at Yellowstone Wildlife

Landscapes in Yellowstone

There are few better places to take landscape shots than the national parks. Yellowstone is the national park I have been to the most, and it lends itself perfectly to landscape shots. I normally bracket my landscapes. This means I take three shots, one under exposed, one normally exposed, and one over exposed. This lets me balance highlights and shadows in the photograph.

Moody river at Yellowstone landscape
Sunny field at Yellowstone landscape
Sunset at Yellowstone Landscape

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